Logo Casa Vittoria


A home, a history, a future!

The Family House of the past.

My name is Pietro, I was born and raised in this home, built by my grandparents so that all of my family could live here. I’ve always loved and dreamed in this house, until I realized the most beautiful of all my projects, the one that would make this place a home that would collect the backstories and faces of thousands of travellers. This home represent the realization of my dream and it is called after my daughter, Vittoria!

Come and Tell us your story!

First, let’s introduce the team!

Because dreams always have a smiley face!

Hi, I’m Pietro!

I love traveling and talk to new people. I’ve decided to realize Casa Vittoria to keep alive my grandparents’ tradition of hospitality that belongs to this house!

Hi, I’m Rosa!

I am Pietro’s mum and together we worked to build this house. Our Garden represent my love for plants and flowers, their perfumes and their colours.

Hi, I’m Patrizia!

Hospitality is my job, but mostly my passion. I am ready to share with you all of our traditional flavours and tastes.